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Friday, July 28, 2017

Jake Tapper: Scaramucci 100% Right, People Trying to Bring Down Trump From Within

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Yet MORE Evidence of Trump Collusion With Russia

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Muslim Professor and Founder of 2 Terror Groups Is Calling for Intifada in the U.S.

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UPDATE: California Imam Defends Sermon That Called For Annihilation Of Jews

From CBS Sacramento:
DAVIS (CBS13) – The Davis Imam whose sermon created international controversy and allegations of anti-Semitism is speaking out for the first time. Imam Ammar Shahin says he never called for violence between any groups of people. 
“My whole talk was directed to spirituality, to bringing people back to their religion, to speak about even the oppressed ones who at the time of pharaoh, and how they came back to their religion,” Shahin said. 
His sermon posted online by a group called Middle East Media Research Institute included a translation into English which reads “an “annihilation” of Jewish people. The group’s viral post has received hundreds of thousands of views. 
“It’s very sad to hear that people are taking your words and they are twisting it around, but I know there are people who are out there just waiting for that to make the news,” Shahin said.
Watch the video. Let me know if you can see how it's possible that his words are being twisted around:

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Adam Carolla: My Experience Has Taught Me, Intact Families" Are The Best Insurance Against The Societal Problems We Face

From Conservative Review:
“I hosted a show called Loveline for over a decade, and I had a very unique perspective because I was able to talk to troubled kids, teenagers, two hours a night for a decade. And I really got to learn something about young people and how they work, and what works and what doesn’t work,” Carolla began. 
“And I learned that all of these problems that we’re talking about – free speech, discrimination, hatred toward other people, and drug addiction, violence, crime – it all stems from the family. And when the family is intact, much of this stuff just goes away, you don’t have to legislate it away. It just goes away because people are brought up in intact families with decent caring parents, whatever their color, whatever their background is, and then they produce little decent individuals who go off to college or a job, place of work, and they don’t need to be coached up, and they don’t need to be legislated, and they don’t need bloviated by people like us. They grew up in an intact family.” 
“My feeling is all the stuff we’re talking about is at the outside of the rim, the hub is the family. And the discussions should center around the family and who is creating these people who think it’d be a good idea to take a baseball bat to the window of a Starbucks in their community,” he concluded.
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England Lost: Mick Jagger releases Brexit-inspired solo songs

From The Guardian:
Mick Jagger at 74 has delivered his first solo musical foray into political commentary, with a pair of new songs that deliver grimly mocking takes on the age of Brexit and Trump. 
The celebrated Rolling Stones frontman released England Lost and Gotta Get A Grip on Thursday, saying he wrote them while stirred by “anxiety [and] unknowability of the changing political situation”. 
The songs represent Jagger’s first solo appearance on any release since 2011 and follows last year’s Stones album, Blue & Lonesome. 
Mick Jagger wrote a 'masterpiece' memoir that has never been published Read more Both tracks feature a sardonic Jagger half-singing, half-spitting his lines in a primitive rap over programmed beats and burring, blues-rock guitar riffs. 
Jagger said in a statement he rushed to release the songs, which he began writing just a few months ago, while they still reflected the transatlantic political climate that spawned them. ‘’We obviously have a lot of problems. So am I politically optimistic? … No,” Jagger said. 
England Lost uses a disenchanted, plain-speaking football fan as the narrator for what he said was the “feeling that we are in a difficult moment in our history”.

Lyric Version 
Jagger said: “It’s obviously got a fair amount of humour because I don’t like anything too on the nose but it’s also got a sense of vulnerability of where we are as a country.” 
If the England Lost music video is anything to go by, it’s clear enough that Jagger – one of the great re-exporters of US folk music to American audiences, whose band made arguably its best album while holed up in France as tax exiles – has misgivings about a Britain turning inward. 
It features Welsh actor Luke Evans as a polite, well dressed gentleman in a cryptic scenario where he is fleeing a menacing array of compatriots who end up dragging him back from the surf as he apparently tries to swim beyond British shores. 
Gotta Get A Grip is a kaleidoscopic diatribe about a political culture led by “lunatics and clowns” who are content for a public fed “fake news” and “policy shams” to “eat shit [and] cake”. 

“Gotta keep it zipped / shoot ’em from the hip / beat ’em with a stick”, goes the modus operandi, along with an absurd journey into the modern cult of self-improvement. 
“I’ve tried diversion and I’ve tried coercion/ meditation and medication / LA culture and aquapuncture / over-eating and sex in meetings / induced insanity, Christianity / long walks and fast drives / wild clubs and low dives.” 
Jagger, the consummate businessman at the helm of the definitive music industry juggernaut for nigh-on five decades, doesn’t serve up any profound escape routes from the individualist bind at the core of neo-Liberalism, a corresponding populist lurch to the far right, or whatever else. 
He offered this take on the song’s message: “Despite all those things that are happening, you gotta get on with your own life, be yourself and attempt to create your own destiny.”
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Forest fires in France were work of arson

If you've been following the news about the forest fires that struck by the Riviera in France, The Evening Standard has some disturbing news about the arrest of two teenagers suspected of starting the flames:
The 16-year-old alleged arsonists, who have not been identified, were in police cells in Martigues, between Marseille and Montpellier, preparing for another day of questioning.

They are thought to have set fire to parched shrubland on Tuesday, causing one of the blazes that have engulfed more than 15 square miles of countryside.

Renaud Muselier, president of the Provence regional council, told FranceInfo radio station that many of the fires were “of criminal origin” and the “activity of arsonists” had to be stopped.
Notice that the suspects' backgrounds are kept secret? We can only guess they're Islamists, and that could explain why we're not hearing more, as the communist-style press in Europe is practically in the tank for the Religion of Peace. There have already been forest fires in Israel that appear to be the result of arson, and if it could happen here, it could happen in France too. Again, the result of their tolerance for evil ideologies.
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William Browder Says Fusion GPS ‘Acting On Behalf Of Russia’ In Doing Dossier On Trump

From Real Clear Politics:
At a Senate Judiciary Hearing today, William Browder, Hermitage Capital Management chief, testified the firm Fusion GPS was acting on behalf of Russia with their debunked dossier against Trump. 
Browder testified Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson was hired by a client of Natalia Veselnitskaya, the lawyer who visited Donald Trump Jr., to lobby for a repeal of the Magnitsky Act. 
SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM: This whole story reads like some kind of novel that nobody would buy, it’s got to be fiction, but unfortunately maybe it’s true. Let’s just break down sort of why you’re here. You believe that Fusion GPS should of registered under FARA, because they were acting on the behalf of the Russians? 
WILLIAM BROWDER: That’s correct. 
SEN. GRAHAM: So, I just want to absorb that for a moment. The group that did the dossier on President Trump hired this British spy, wound up getting it to the FBI. You believe they were working for the Russians?
Here's Epa on William Browder's ties to the Communist Party and his history of investments in Russia.

Nick at Weasel Zippers sums it up succinctly:

This should be the story of the day, if not the year. But instead, people are talking about Scaramucci and infighting. 
Understand what he said here, what we’ve been saying right down the line, Fusion is connected to the Russians, they were hired to do oppo research on Trump by the Democrats. The dossier was done on behalf of the Russians and the Democrats. Russians were trying to undermine Trump, in collusion with Democratic effort. And Browder just confirmed it.
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Poll: Number One Reason People Stopped Watching The NFL? Colin Kaepernick


From NTK:
A new poll from J.D. Power of NFL viewers who had started to watch less games showed that the main reason for the decreased viewership was Colin Kaepernick’s anti-national anthem protests, according to ESPN. 
The survey revealed that 26 percent of those who watched fewer games had tuned out due to Kaepernick’s protests. The second-most popular reason dealt with the NFL’s handling of issues related to rules and off-field player conduct at 24 percent. 
According to ESPN, the NFL suffered a viewership drop this past season: NFL game viewership on networks that broadcast games was down an average of 8 percent for the 2016 regular season versus the season before. 
Before the election (Nov. 8), games for the first nine weeks were down 14 percent compared to 2015. The final eight weeks saw only a drop of 1 percent compared to Weeks 10-17 in 2015.
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Judiciary Committee Counsel Asks For Special Counsel To Investigate Comey, Hillary, Lynch

From The Hill:
Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are asking for a second special counsel separate from Robert Mueller to probe aspects of the 2016 election and actions by officials in the Obama administration, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 
Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and other Republicans on the committee sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Thursday requesting the appointment of a second special counsel, according to NBC News reporter Frank Thorp. 
The letter asked that the second special counsel investigates officials including former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former FBI Director James Comey. 
The lawmakers also cite concerns with Mueller’s probe, accusing it of being too narrow. The letter comes a day after Republicans on the committee voted to request documents related to Comey’s communications with the Obama administration and journalists.
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Hillary Clinton Spent Nov. 9th Drunk, Pretending She Was Donald Trump

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President of Human Rights Foundation: Fusion GPS is a Professional Smear Organization Hired By Big-Money Players to Destroy Anyone Who Opposes Their Clients

President of Human Rights Foundation: Fusion GPS is a Professional Smear Organization Hired By Big-Money Players to Destroy Anyone Who Opposes Their Clients




Lee Smith also checks in and digests the accusations flying about Fusion GPS. 
It’s one of the peculiar paradoxes of the media today that the firm that sparked the anti-Trump resistance, and fueled the patriotism of those newly awakened to the dangers of Russian interference in American political institutions is working with companies intimately linked with Moscow. 
Fusion GPS is working to undo the U.S. sanctions on Russia implemented by the Magnitzky Act, and has been networked into Gazprom’s investment in Venezuela’s energy sector alongside Derwick Associates. 
And yet the U.S. media is focused on the Great Kremlin Conspiracy, the fruit of what appears to be only one in a series of smear campaigns waged by Fusion GPS. 
Sure, the reasons are partly ideological—Trump is not the press’ preferred candidate. And financial—the daily campaign against Trump is driving traffic that print and broadcast haven’t seen in a long time. 
The press has its hands tied. “If they report that the Russia dossier is probably nonsense,” said Halvorssen, “and Fusion GPS is running information operations across the media, then that calls into question all the other stories that Fusion GPS has fed journalists in the past. Why are so few journalists willing to look into Fusion GPS?” 
In order to report honestly on the Trump scandals, a weakened press would have to report honestly on Fusion GPS—which would mean lifting the lid on the incompetence and malfeasance of their own institutions and colleagues, which would reveal a scandal as threatening to democracy as anything Trump has said or done. 
“Imagine if they subpoena Fusion GPS’s emails,” said a veteran Washington reporter, “there are going to be lots of journalists in there who’ve taken stories from them. Big names, senior figures in the field. It will look like an apocalypse.”
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Allison Thrash
Sugar Is Sugar

Woman Enough

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Intelligence Committee Chairman Accuses Obama Officials of Hundreds of Unmasking Requests During Election, WITHOUT INTELLIGENCE JUSTIFICATION

From The Hill:
The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is accusing top political aides of President Obama of making hundreds of requests during the 2016 presidential race to unmask the names of Americans in intelligence reports, including Trump transition officials. 
Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), in a letter to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, said the requests were made without specific justifications on why the information was needed. 
“We have found evidence that current and former government officials had easy access to U.S. person information and that it is possible that they used this information to achieve partisan political purposes, including the selective, anonymous leaking of such information,” Nunes wrote in the letter to Coats. 
The letter was provided to The Hill from a source in the intelligence community. 
In March, Nunes disclosed that he had seen data suggesting Trump campaign and transition officials were having their names unmasked by departing officials in the Obama White House. 
National Security Adviser Susan Rice and CIA Director John Brennan have acknowledged making such requests though they insisted the requests were for legitimate work reasons. 
Nunes recused himself from his committee’s work on its investigation over Russia’s meddling in the 2016 campaign after a controversy over his charges about Obama-era unmasking. 
The chairman had reviewed intelligence reports on White House grounds that he said showed unmasking of Trump officials by Obama aides. Democrats accused him of working with the White House to make the disclosures. 
In Thursday’s letter, Nunes said the total requests for Americans’ names by Obama political aides numbered in the hundreds during Obama’s last year in office and often lacked a specific intelligence community justification. He called the lack of proper justifications a “serious deficiency.”
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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Why Did Minneapolis Police Search Justine Damond’s Home After They Killed Her?

From Daily Caller:
It’s been 11 days since Mohamed Noor shot and killed Justine Damond, and he still hasn’t explained why he did it. Now we have another question the Minneapolis Police Department needs to answer. 
Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigators were granted permission to search Justine Damond’s home hours after she was shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer, according to court records… 
“I don’t understand why they’re looking for bodily fluids inside her home,” said Joseph Daly, an emeritus professor at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, referring to one of two recently-released search warrant applications. 
“Whose bodily fluids are they looking for? Is she a suspect? I don’t understand why they’re looking for controlled substances inside her home. I don’t understand why they’re looking for writings inside her home. The warrant does not explain that to me.” 
A cynical mind might assume that the police, having just killed an unarmed, pajama-clad woman right outside her home after she called 911 to report a possible rape, were searching her house to find something they could use to claim it was justified. Presumably they didn’t find anything, or we would’ve heard about it by now.
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